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I began blogging for two purposes:
I learned to pray by listening to others who were skilled in the art of prayer and scripture. I listened to them, listened to audios of them, and read their prayers in print form. From such study and the help of the Holy Spirit, I also learned to pray and love it.

If those models of prayer had not been available to me, my learning curve would have been much steeper.

And so I feel an obligation to pass on what I know, oftentimes through writing.

Having a blog keeps me writing on a regular and disciplined basis. Without the discipline I don’t get much done. So thank God for blogs!

As a younger woman, my plan was to start writing when I got old and had no energy to anything else. Change of plans! Growing old is inevitable, but I may never run out of energy. This writing discipline is exactly what I need.

Hope you can benefit from what is here: regular entries and a vault full of archives.

Right now I have two categories of entry:
Praying Through Psalms
Pray Without Ceasing

Check it out! I pray that you will be enriched and expanded as you pray with these prayers. I have been in writing them!

Jeanie R

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