Welcome to the Blog


Welcome to my
prayer blog! Learning to pray scripture has been transformational for me…one of those visible milestones of change in my spiritual growth.

So what do you do when something wonderful happens to you? Talk about it? Pass it one. Blog it? …blog it?

The word “blog” didn’t exist until decades after I discovered
praying scripture. Isn’t it fascinating that something as ancient as “Scripture” and “prayer” can be sent forth with such a newcomer tool as “blogging”? God must be smiling.

I have to smile, too. After struggling with blog software that was way over my head, I am now switching to a Rapidweaver blog. Rapidweaver is the software on which this website is built. God bless those people!

With this easier to manage blog I’m attempting to pass on what I’ve been given by inviting you into my process
of daily prayer and problem solving,
of research and writing,
of musings and meditation.

Walk with me. Interact with me. Pray with me. (Pray for me! ) Growing in the Lord is so much more delightful when we have people with whom we can share. And, blogging seems just a bit more personal that a webpage.

nd, if you need a website or a blog and have a Mac, check out Rapidweaver. Can you tell I am grateful for what they have done?

Anyway, drop in often for such
daily prayer themes as Praying Through Psalms and Pray Without Ceasing.

Jeanie R