Those Who Wait Upon the Lord

One blustery day last week I attended a luncheon for a smiling, energetic group of women. In years past I have led them in Bible studies and retreats. But, I had not seen many of them for several years. They had changed little except for hair color. Their faces were soft, almost wrinkle-free. Most are widows now in their late 70’s and above. I marveled at their joy and spontaneity.

Peals of laughter rolled as one woman told stories of caring for her 93-year-old mother. The same stories could have been shared in a woe-is-me manner. Not here! These gals seize the day and live out the joy of their salvation on a daily basis.

Each has had her share of loss and disappointments. But, neither past pain nor present challenge defines any one of these women. They are powerful women of faith, powerful beyond their own understanding of who they are.

They pray and trust God in simple, straightforward ways. No bickering over theology or denomination! All are welcome to the Table of the Lord in this group. (That’s how I got in so long ago!)

As the afternoon progressed, one woman turned to me and asked, “Jeanie, what are you and the Lord doing these days?”

“He has just challenged me to use my web-site to encourage and equip people of faith for this season of financial crisis.”

Wide-eyed, they stared for several seconds. Most of these women do not have computers, nor do they intend to get one. For the first time, I had to admit that there is an age gap between me and these women I hold so dearly.

Ah well, they don’t need what the Lord has put on my heart to do with this website in the next year or two. They already have what I can offer. And, they sit as living proof of the
sustaining power of faith.

Still awed by how young these women look and behave, I drove away from the luncheon tremendously encouraged. They had showered me with compliments for years about how much impact I had on their lives. Actually, the impact was from their pursuing the Lord
in Scripture and in prayer. That’s what I was preaching! They listened and complied. This day I had gotten to savor the sweet aroma of Christ in these gals and to see first-hand how God preserves those who wait on Him.

Over the years I have been so cautious to not force my faith on others. I will continue to be cautious among those not seeking what I am offering. But for those who are…I am committed to give out all the Lord has given to me. I trust it to impact you who hunger in the same ways it has impacted June, Marion, Doris, Carla, and all those powerful women who simply pray and trust God.

Hang in there with me. This will be an exciting ride! Much to come.

Grace and peace!
Jeanie R