Study Tools for Scripture Prayer

Why Study Tools?
When a line or two of Scripture grips you, speaks to you heart, you probably have a scripture that is good prayer material (Rhema).
Do ponder that scripture.
Let it roll around on the inside of you.

But also, study it out a bit using your study tools. What you discover will expand the meaning of the Scripture or the passage and will probably give your faith a boost.
Keep notes,
a journal,
or have some way of organizing the nuggets you gather.

You will end up with Scripture prayer that is alive inside you and have God’s life flowing out of you through His living Word (How To Pray Scripture).

How to Use Study Tools
I didn’t grow up with study tools around me. We didn’t even have a study Bible. This is probably not unusual. So, I include this section of information, not to insult the experienced, but to assist the fledglings.

Praise God for all the scholars who have made study so available to us through the fruits of their labor!

I so appreciate those folks who have helped me out with simple things, like showing me how to use the Strong’s Concordance. This is my way of saying “thank you” and passing on the help.

What Study Tools Are Covered?
Some of these tools need only a review to let you know whether you need to put them on your wish list immediately. Other tools need some explanation for you to feel the confidence to forge ahead. In some cases for me, it wasn’t even a matter of help in using the resources, so much as exposure to what was available. I pray this section will be a blessing of exposure for you.

Of those resources that we cover now, you will find:

Spirit Filled Life Bible
The Amplified Bible
Strong’s Concordance (for word meaning)
The New Testament from 26 Translations and
The Old Testament Books of Poetry from 26 Translations
Scripture Study Helps On-Line: E-Sword

And, other resources will be added to
Study Helps from time to time. So, stop by to see what’s new.