Spirit Filled Life Bible

To really get into scripture, acquiring
a good study Bible is the first step. Thank God, there are a number of excellent ones available! But, my hands-down favorite is the Spirit Filled Life Bible (Now a new version: New Spirit Filled Life Bible). Jack Hayford is the general editor with a list of contributors that looks like a page from Who’s Who in the Christian World.

I found my copy in a used book store soon after
Spirit Filled Life Bible had been published. This book had been gifted to someone who hadn’t cracked it open. My heart ached over their loss. But, my feet danced over getting this treasure at 50% off retail.

Great Study Features
Within a few weeks this Bible had replaced my regular study Bible. Here we have a one-volume resource!
The usual end-of-the-book concordance,
cross referencing,
and informative footnotes are all here.

Each book is introduced,
clarified with headings and subheadings,
maps, charts.
Study Bibles have these features.

What Sets Spirit Filled Life Bible Apart
Kingdom Dynamics:
Over 350 comment boxes are filled with scriptural insights written by outstanding scholars and leaders. These insights are focused on 22 crucial Bible topics. (These insights often give material for meditation that leads me to pray scripture.)

Word Wealth:
Also a comment box, Word Wealth, gives insight into over 550 important scriptural terms. In each box you find the word, the Greek or Hebrew original word, the pronunciation of the original and the Strong’s # for that word. Then you are treated to a buffet of information about that term. (Armed with the Strong’s #, you can quickly look up more on the word meaning.)

Truth in Action:
Each chapter ends with a summary of the foundations and teaching within. This connects with a practical application of the teaching:
What does this mean for me?
How do I respond to what I just learned?

Stands the Test of Time
The Spirit Filled Life Bible has been my core book for the last 15 years. When I travel, I feel free to carry only this volume rather than three additional study helps. This is especially convenient as I’ve gotten older…not so inclined to run through the airport carrying a 35 pound book bag.

Other Study Helps
The Amplified Bible
Strong’s (for word meanings)
26 Translations