Scripture Study Helps On-Line

For the last two years I have intended to recommend some internet resources for your Scripture studies. Sorry this took so long! Most folks over fifty (like me) tend to grab a hard copy of whatever they are studying. But you know it takes time and money to assemble a good library.

Here’s an alternative to the time and money:

A programmer/minister names Rick Meyers has put together the most amazing package of
Scripture and study helps. And, he offers it for free! Your five pound laptop will tote around three hundred pounds of Bible, commentaries, dictionaries, maps and charts. Amazing!

Click on over and read the facinating story of how all this came about. God certainly made the way! In July of this year 2008, the 8,000,000
th copy of E-Sword occurred.

In addition to numerous translations of the Bible, e-sword includes:

  • Commentaries and dictionaries to enrich your study.
  • Capacity to set up your own parallel Bible with up to 4 versions.
  • Ability to create your own notes and commentaries-so necessary for in-depth studies. And remember, if you want to keep your revelations gathered from the studies, those revelations must be recorded somehow!
  • Strong’s Concordance.
  • Powerful word search capabilities.
  • Method for creating your own topical lists of Scriptures – invaluable in assembling Scripture for prayer.
  • And more!

The download
Scripture study software if for the PC. Mac users can access similar materials on-line…no download. Looks like Rick is not a Mac man

The download is free, but a donation is accepted. Good thing! There must be some considerable cost in freely offering what must have taken a few years of hard work to put together. God bless this guy, Mac man or not!

Click on over to read more and be amazed.