26 Translations
New Testament and Old Testament Books of Poetry

The first experience I had with this Bible resource occurred during a time of group prayer. One group member began to pray out of her copy of 26 Translations. It moved me deeply. Soon after, she blessed me with my own copies and I have kept them close at hand ever since.

Do you ever have those times when you just feel stuck for meaning or understanding over a verse? Often 26 Translations will break you out of your stuck-ness in record time.

Purpose of 26 Translations
Those scholars who assemble 26 Translations did so to help open up the richness of scripture to us. In the introduction the general editor, Curtis Vaughan, states that he and his associates hold a long standing belief that one translation opens and illustrates another translation. That certainly is my experience with these two volumes.

Why Such Differences?
The span of differences from one translation to another is partly because the translators could be working from different texts. For example, Monsignor Ronald Knox worked from the Latin Vulgate. George Lamsa worked from the Aramaic text.

Which Translations?
King James Version
The American Standard Version
The revised Standard Version
The New English Bible The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
The New Testament (Henry Alford)
The New Testament: An American Translation (Goodspeed)
The New Testament in the Translation of Monsignor Ronal Knox
The New Testament According the Eastern Texts (Lamsa)
The new Testament: a New Translation (Moffet)
The Centenary Translation (Montgomery)
The New Testament: A New Translation (Norlie)
The New Testament in Modern English (Phillips)
The Book of Acts (Rieu)
The Four Gospels (Rieu)
The Emphasized New Testament (Rotherham)
Living letters: The Paraphrased Epistles; Living Gospels: The Paraphrased Gospels; Living Prophecies: The Minor Prophets Paraphrased (Taylor)
The Twentieth Century New Testament
The New Testament in Modern Speech (Weymouth)
The New Testament: A Translation in the Language of the People (Williams)
The Amplified New Testament

The Value
Much like the Amplified Bible, 26 Translations opens up the rich texture of scripture. The verse lights up and speaks to your heart, almost like a friend who is intimately communicating, delivering to you precious information.

26 Translations is my favorite to use for meditation when I’m short of study time, when I don’t have time to dig out nuggets to chew on. But, I often find some nugget in
26 Translations that sends me into a time of study.

These books represent a financial investment, but it only needs to be paid once. My two volumes bear the marks of over two decades of use, including the teeth marks of one of our former cats that like to chew on Bibles. The cat is long gone, but
26 Translations is still serving valiantly.

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