Scripture Prayers to Share

My Prayers
Here are some Scripture prayers I’ve developed for different events and purposes. People have asked for copies. Sometimes I have copies with me, other times not.

To make sure no one misses out who wants a copy, I’ve added them to the website. There is no organizing theme among these
prayers from Scripture. Don’t look for one.

If you find one or more that fit you needs, wonderful!
Print them off.
Pass them around.
Rewrite them to fit you more personally.
To get to the Scripture prayer archive, just mouse-over the side navigation.

Scripture Prayer
If you've just come into the middle of this site, I encourage you to read
Scripture Prayer to get a good understanding of why the emphasis here is on praying Scripture.

Your Prayers
Of the many people who visit this site, I’m sure some of you write your own prayers. Perhaps you have a prayer or two you would like to share. Please send them for consideration.

To submit your
Scripture prayers, send them to
Feel free to include information on
why you wrote the prayer and
what some of the effects of the prayer have been.
Also, give me permission to publish your prayer on this website.
If you have a website, I’m happy to include your url under your name.

Sooo, I’m looking forward to hearing from you lovely prayer people who have been visiting this site.

Prayer Archive
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