Prayer for Pastors

This prayer for pastors was developed to pray for the pastors in our county. A number of us pray it regularly. Praying this for your pastor is a powerful blessing and support.

Pastors of____________________, men and women of God who are committed to lead and tend the flocks of the Lord, I call your spirits to attention in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Press with your spirits into a new realm of the glory of God in your pastoring.

Rise up in the Spirit. Stand up in a spirit of boldness and know that God is offering far more of Himself, far more of the expressed Kingdom of God, than you have experienced to this point. Let your hearts hunger for the “more”. Press in and acquire until you are fully satisfied in your spirits.

And then, stir up your appetites for even more of Him: the God of Creation, the King of Glory, the Spirit of Life and Truth.
Seek new depths of intimacy with Him. Seek and you shall find. Let your hearts cry out and He will meet you. Set aside that precious time for intimacy. Guard it as jealous lovers holding tight to the Prize.

In these times of close communion with the Lord, allow His healing balm to minister to yet unhealed wounds from the past that have held you back. Receive divine healing into deep, untouched places you may have forgotten were there. Soak up the comforting, healing Balm of Gilead into those places of pain you turned your back on, completely forgetting that they were there. Also receive healing into what you are painfully aware of: the disappointments, frustrations, betrayal.

Be healed, restored and strengthened in your times of sweet communion with El Shaddai, He who is all-sufficient to meet your needs. Put on the “new man” in a whole new way. Trust that He who has begun a good work in you will see it through to completion. Remember that you are God’s work of art created for good works in Christ Jesus.

As you heal and go from strength to strength:
Throw off any grave clothes of the past that might attempt to cling: any sense of inadequacy, for you know that you can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you. You are more than conquerors and the limping, bruised body of Christ has need of over-comers like you.

Discard any sense of shame over past history for you are forgiven and robed in righteousness, and seated at the right hand of majesty in Christ Jesus.

Throw off the habit of negative thinking because all things are possible with God.

Slip out of any false identity. You are a king and a priest of your God. Settle for nothing less. Refuse timidity and expand with the spirit of boldness, love, and sound thinking. Walk in your kingly dominion, setting things in order in kingly fashion. As a priest, lavishly minister to God and to mankind.

Prepare for God to break through your present understanding of Church, your ministry, your Divine destiny. New insight is coming. You have the mind of Christ and contain the thoughts and intents of His heart. Prepare for change that will greatly advance Kingdom purposes.

These times of communion are potent, pregnant with Divine possibilities. Recognize the distractions, diversions that would cause you to forgo your face-to-face time with the Lord. Be a God-pleaser in this. God, your Lover, is jealous over your intimate times. Don’t allow anyone or anything to pressure you away from your Divine appointments.

As you spend time in the secret place, receive a renewal of you call. You are a pastor, a shepherd after God’s own heart. Let your spirit expand with the heart of God and His purposes for your ministry. Become pregnant with His Word, His “sperma”. Prepare for a new birth of purpose and process in all that you do.

By the Spirit of Boldness, prepare to birth what the world has not seen before, what you have not seen before.
Prepare to birth what is in the heart of God for this hour.

Let God fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. Receive the long-range vision of God for your life and your ministry.
Be strengthened with all power according to His glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience to joyfully press into all that God has for you, paying the price for the prize that is promised.

This is the beginning of a new season.
Be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit of God. Embrace holiness. Release the fire of God that is in your bellies and in your bones. Let that fire grow and engulf your flocks. You are life-bearers, fire-bearers; you are Christ in the earth. Shrink not back! The world is seeking fire. You have it! Release it! Alleluia!