Prayer for Finances, Part 2

When I received the prayer for finances described in Part 1, I was asking for a prayer to pray over immediate and drastic circumstances. People who were asking me for advice needed help now.

I had been holding our finances in prayer, but there was not the drastic quality to our own situations. In this family we have three businesses just starting up and one fledgling business (just now in the black).

I started praying that brief prayer over each of the businesses daily. Each day focus seemed to fall on one aspect of a business or on one business more than the others. The Spirit guides in this and it is always a good idea to go with that flow.

For months prayer centered around details that would lead to an increase in finances further down the road:
New clients
Bigger contracts
Permits issued on time
Passing of city inspections
Hiring of staff
God so obviously intervened in these situations and many more! I had to say, “God, You are for us, who can be against us!”

It’s been a delight to have this story unfold before our eyes, watching the moves of God.

None of the circumstances have been drastic, sink-or-swim type of situations. But, I am believing that persistent daily prayer, as simple as this prayer is, prevents the major problems from occurring.

There was one situation a month ago:
One of the businesses is being financed with a home-equity line of credit. Without notice the account was frozen and one large transfer was refused. End of story! The money transfer was to pay the electrician.

When I heard of the problem, I immediately knew that this verdict was not final. The money transfer was coming through. And, indeed, it did!

The surprising part of the story is not that the money came through, but that I knew from the get-go it would. Praying as I have for the last several months has given me a greater confidence in God regarding money matters.

The Holy Spirit has done a real work in me.
I believe He wants to do a great work in each of us.

I encourage you persist in this simple prayer and watch the faithfulness of God. The prayer and instructions for praying it are on
Prayer for Finances, Part 1.

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