Michael's Prayer for the Family
This prayer was written by a man who was working his way through the complementary e-course,
Release the Power of Psalm 91. Michael wrote that this study had propelled him into prayer. He gave permission for this one to be published with the names and very personal parts removed. (Seriously consider signing up for Release the Power of Psalm 91, if you haven't already!)

Thank you, Michael S from California, for your splendid prayer!

Good Morning Father, thank You for the blessings of another day!
The smell of a fresh new glorious day to serve You Father where ever You have called me!
May my family and friends also serve You O Lord, my
most Sovereign and Gracious Savior!
Lord, I step out in deep trust in You and You alone Father.
You are everything that my family and I need:
provision, health, abundance, a future with which to serve You Lord!
I know, in all confidence, that You, O God,
have Your hand of protection on each of us,(names).
Lord You have woven our family together through many challenges, blessings, and more
….and for that I am extremely grateful, Thank You, Lord, for never leaving us!
Today I step out and trust You God, for I know that You will be mighty on my families behalf;
Lord I
know that You want me and my family to be faithful
because You, Lord, want to show each of us
how POWERFUL Your FAITH is, in each of us, individually and as a family.
I know as well, Father, that You want the same for our extended family and friends; (names)
Lord there are so many more friends to lay before Your throne for blessings!
Holy Spirit You know each need and desire.
Bless them and provide for them Father, for all of our Hope comes from You!
Lord I come before You, asking You to bind
the brokenness my family, friends and I may be feeling this day.
For Lord You have given each of us a spirit of boldness, love and of sound minds.
Help us to walk in it this day.
I want to exalt you, O Lord, for You lifted each of us
out of the depths and did not let our enemies gloat over us.

O Lord my God, I called to You for help and You healed me and my family and friends.
O Lord, You brought each of us from the grave.
You spared us, especially me, from going to the pit.
Lord, today I call out to You
to have only one confidence and that confidence is for God-confidence.
Lord, the confidence that only comes from You and no place else. 
Father, I lay every need
of my family and that of my extended family and friends at Your feet,
at the foot of the cross today.
For Lord, those needs are to big for any one of us to carry.
Lord, You know every hair on our heads.
Lord, Your detail for our lives is perfect.
Thank You, Lord, for allowing me the opportunity
to present these loved ones in my life before You!
Let each of them sense Your Presence in a way
that is beyond anything that they have experienced before.
Father, bless us of us so that we can be a blessing to You!

In the name of Jesus I take authority over the thief,
over anything he would try to steal from us this day.
And I proclaim that: 
Father, You already have given us the victory.
Praise to You
my King and My God,
I pray in Jesus

PS: Michael makes good use of Names of God in his prayer.
They are a powerful addition to any prayer.
Click here to get lists of the
Names of God. This is a hard-to-find resource!