Blessing Prayer Collection
The blessing prayers that follow are used as part of Journey Toward Wholeness,
a healing retreat for women. These blessing were taken from
Blessing Your Spirit
by Arthur Burk and Sylvia Gunter. I adapted the prayers slightly to fit our situation.
Blessing Your Spirit is available on this website. Read more about this fine resource.

Friday Evening Blessing Prayer

Dear Ones, Your Father designed you to experience a vast number of joys that are legitimate, good, and wonderful.

I bless you, my sisters, with your lives being full of many different kinds of joy. I bless you each with the greatest joy that comes from experiencing the presence of God in your spirit.

I bless each of your spirits as a sanctuary, not a war zone, a safe place, a place where you are visited by the Holy Spirit, where He broods over your spirit and you become intensely familiar with the presence of God with you.

I bless you with sensing His presence watching over your life.

I bless each of you, my sisters with fullness of joy in the night watches as the Spirit of God ministers to your spirit.

The nighttime is the first fruits of God’s creation. Therefore, it is holy.

I reject and break off of you every claim of the enemy to the night hours.

I proclaim that it is God’s holy time when He delights to visit you and to minister to you.

I bless you with experiencing His presence in the night as your subconscious mind and your spirit are open to the Spirit of God, so He can minister to your spirit while your conscious mind is not cluttering up the works.

Sat Afternoon Blessing Prayer

Dear Ones, I bless you with knowing the joy of the Lord that is your strength.

I bless you with knowing joy in His Fatherness in profound and life-giving ways.

I bless you with remembering times when He showed you His Fatherness.

I bless you with enlarging your spirit to know profoundly and deeply that your Father is pleased with you.

I bless you with receiving the truth of your identity legitimacy and birthright.

I bless you with knowing who you are in your Father’s eyes and with drinking deeply of the joy that He has in who you are.

I bless you with experiencing the joy that your Father has when your spirit rises up and responds to the Holy Spirit.

I bless you with knowing the joy that your Father has when He sees that today you are different that you were yesterday.

I bless you with feeling the joy that your Father has as He thinks out into the future of all the blessings that He has prepared: the surprises, the divine encounters, the unexpected treasures that He has prepared for you.

I bless you with experiencing the joy of your Father in His anticipation over the road you are going to walk.

Final Blessing Prayer

Dear Ones, you are under the protection of God who can do the impossible. I bless you with peace that comes from God who created light in great darkness, who brings light into the very shadow of death.

I bless you with knowing that God makes peace regardless of your circumstances.

You are living in troublesome days, when governments of the world are turning frequently to war, when terrorism is increasing and there is much uncertainty.

Although you are living in a sober time in history, you can walk in the light because God decrees that the light of His presence shines in darkness.

I bless each of you my sisters, with not being dependent on circumstances in your world, but receiving from your Father the peace that He offers in your life, no matter how dark it is around you.

I bless you with peace that an only come because the Prince of Peace rules you.

I bless you with an anointing for taking the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ to those who do not know it, as an overflow of your life. When you walk in this peace, the peace of those around you will increase, although they carry turmoil.

I bless you with being known as someone who carries the peace of God with you everywhere you go, so that people will seek you out because they are so desperate for the peace of God.