Scripture Prayer Proclamations

Power Prayer 101
Words have power. As some of my Native American friends say, “Words are energy.” If this is true, then the words with which we pray are very significant.

Proclaiming Scripture in prayer
taps into the power of God-spoken words,
taps into the creative energy we see in the first chapter of Genesis.

Word Power in Scripture
Don’t take my word for this. Let’s look at what Scripture has to say about the power of words:
God spoke: creation came into being – Genesis 1
Tower of Babel: agreement makes anything possible – Genesis 11:6
Full focus on Scripture: you will have success – Joshua 1:2
Declare a thing: it will be established – Job 22:28
Judged by your words: words have value – Matthew 12:36
Sowing and reaping: words are seeds that bring a crop – Luke 8:11, 2Corinthians 9:6
Overcoming power in words: the word of testimony is listed with the blood of Jesus to be overcomingly powerful. As Christians, we should sit up and take notice on this one! Can you believe that your words of faith are that valuable?

We need to see this if we are going to confidently proclaim Scripture in prayer. The value of words and the power of words is a theme that runs from Genesis to Revelation. For millennia the Spirit of God has reaffirmed this message.

Word Power and Present Research
In this present millennium there are scientists who are producing some research to help us understand this word power. Take a look:

Jerome Stillwell is a research scientist who measured the capacity of human communication to transmit beyond the range of hearing. What he and his team discovered is that for good or for ill, we are capable of more powerful transmission than a radio station whose signal circles the globe.

This story makes two points:
1. We transmit like a radio station.
2. The transmissions are positive or negative, measurable either way.

Surely, you’ve noticed this yourself. Let someone come into your home spewing negativity and you and yours immediately register the effect. Sometimes it takes the rest of the day to clean out that negative dump-load.

We are sending messages into the atmosphere continually…blessing or cursing! When we really get a hold of this and pray with purpose and intent, we will be capable of writing history anew.

Masaru Emoto is a Japanese physician who has done studies on environments effect on water, including the effects of words on water. With some specialized photography, he records the effect of words on the crystalline structure of a freezing water molecule. His amazing results are documented in Hidden Messages in Water. Surely, this research will inspire much more. But in the meantime, here are some compelling findings:
1. Expose the water to loving words, fine music, or beautiful scenes from nature, and the crystalline structure of the freezing water molecule is lacy and snowflake-like.
2. On the other hand, negative words, hard rock music, or picture of violence produces a distorted structure resembling a cancerous tumor.
3. The proclamation: You fool!” produces similar result as the word “satan”…distorted and tumor-like.

Remember Jesus saying, “Whoever is angry with his brother without cause shall be in danger of judgment. And whoever says to his brother ‘Raca!’(empty head) shall be in danger of he council. But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire.” (Matt 5:22)

Jesus gave us the bottom line (importance of our words). We were just been lacking scientific data
proving the importance of the bottom line.

Quantum physics research is opening up this treasure box of understanding by the day...a whole field of study in itself. Quantum physics findings and Scripture are lining up!

Power Words – What Now?
Words have the power to bless or curse. Take your pick! Words - your words and my words - have power to change the structure of a molecule of water. And, you are over 70% water.
How are the words that make up your thoughts and spoken communication affecting your own body?
How are they affecting those around you?
How are they affecting your immediate environment an the larger environment?

With this information, do you see the possibility of making a quantum shift for the better
In your life?
In the lives of those you care about?
The answer to this shift is so simple, anyone can do it.

You can do it right now!
Get started with prayer proclamations, if you haven't already.

What Does a Prayer Proclamation Sound Like?
Speak something positive and affirming to yourself. Something like: “I am compassionate and loving.” You may need to find your own. It has to be true in your own heart.

Repeat your line (or my line) several times. Let the message roll over you and soak in. Notice the physical and emotional lightness that comes as you do this repetition. Your water molecules are sitting up and taking notice. You are bathing yourself in the beauty of truth.

How easy was that? This is really simple stuff.

As simple as the exercise is, it needs to be more than an exercise. Such speaking, proclaiming needs to be a way of life. This calls for discipline, disciplined practice.

Suggestions to Get Started
1. Start monitoring your thoughts and speech, keep a list of the regular negatives you find. When you can nail down the negatives, you know what positive proclamation to go after. If you are saying to yourself “I’m worthless”, then you’ll be able to find the right positive such as “I’m the apple of God’s eye; I am his work of art.” (Zechariah 2:8, Ephesians 2:10) Making the switch is the purpose of this website!
2. Work on one negative at a time until you’ve tamed it. Then take on another.
3. Ask someone you trust to monitor your speech and give you feedback. This can be painful, but the truth sets you free.
4. When you graciously can, take charge in keeping conversations positive. If you can’t do that, then graciously leave. Anyone who cares about you will come to appreciate and respect your need for a positive environment. Those who don’t care about you need to be kept at a distance anyway. You have more important uses for your time.

Prayer Proclamations
Now to the purpose of this site! If words are powerful, then what could be more powerful that speaking the words that God Himself spoke, or inspired someone else to speak?
Words born in heaven
…born where all Power and Might are resident
…born of light that is life!

Need help getting started?
You are in the right place! You will find several pages here filled with instruction and resources to help you. If you are looking for a fast and powerful start, order the prayer
CDs No Storm too Great and/or Prayer Affirmations for the Journey.

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