Prayer Proclamations: Ready-Made

In the last decade a multitude of prayer collections have been written and released. Go into any well-stocked Christian book store and you’ll discover a wide shelf of offerings.

Word of warning! Not all of these collections are proclamations of faith based on scripture.. So, don’t just grab one and run for the cash register. Browse through your prospective purchase:
Is Scripture the basis of these prayers?
Are the Scripture references given?
Is the wording such that the prayers truly are making faith proclamations:
“I am….”
“You are…
“We are…”

If you’re not sure what a prayer proclamation is, read
“Prayer Proclamations: What Do They Sound Like?”

A great perk in the Scripture prayer collections is the Scripture reference component. Invest in books that have this feature. Then, as you read through a prayer and find one line that especially grips you, you can look up the Scripture and study the whole passage. Often, you will find more verses to use in your proclamation.

This is like mining for gold. Expect to get addicted. This is also an easy way to get into Scripture if you’ve not had much background in it.

Some Resources I Recommend
1. Prayers that Prevail...a series
Prayers that Avail...a series
Praying the Scriptures by Evan Howard
No Storm Too Great! - scripture prayer on CD based on Psalm 91 - a real faith builder!