Pray the Psalms

My love affair with Scripture began with
praying Psalms. The emotional expressions are so clear: the ups, the downs, the frustrations, the victories, the ecstatic worship! I kept thinking, “I know this writer!” “I know this person!”

I, at least, knew all the emotions. And, those emotions are expressed with such clarity! I could not find better words than the word of Psalms to communicate my own heart cries.

Praying Psalms is Age-Old
The love of praying Psalms is not new. Do you know that during the monastic period of Church history (over 1000 years of it!), men and women in monastic life chanted the Psalms daily. This daily schedule was such that the entire book of Psalms was chanted (prayed) each week.

Psalms have been a favorite with God’s people for thousands of years!

Praying Psalms is Contemporary
Today many of our church songs are Scripture-based with the chorus being direct quotes or paraphrases from Scripture…especially from Psalms. Learning these verses in song-form is a delightful way to start praying Psalms. It’s easy and tends to stick with you better than spoken prayers. So sing away!

Many contemporary worship songs are based on Psalms!

Try It!
Try this easy entry into praying Psalms: get a copy of The Old Testament from 26 Translations. When I was first introduced to this wonderful book, I began praying the Psalms without even realizing what I was doing. Try this. Take a verse from Psalms that is speaking to your heart. Read it over and over from 5 or 6 different translation. It energizes your spirit! It comes close to being an addiction. You will at least want to know more about how to pray scripture.

Praying through Psalms can be good discipline, no matter how experienced or mature you are in the things of prayer. You could do one Psalm a day for 150 days. Or, you could categorize the Psalms by theme and work you way through one theme at a time.

Some Possible Themes:

Instant Start
For a jump start into praying Scripture, order the 2CD set,
No Storm Too Great!, Scripture prayer based on Psalm 91 and related Scriptures. Save yourself a lot of research time and be soothed by the ambient music and nature sounds in the background.

Even if you are not new to Scripture prayer, this is a treasured resource!

Pray Psalm 91 Today
These six articles contain massive amounts of information on praying this particular Psalm. But, the information can be applied to praying any Psalm. While you are there, consider signing up for the free e-course,
Release the Power of Psalm 91.

Psalm Prayer Project
When I was young in scripture, taking on study by theme really worked for me. It matched the way my brain operated. Now themes are not as critical for me as they once were.

So, given that I can be more free-flowing, I’ve chosen to work through the Psalms from 1-150 in my blog: Praying Scripture:
Praying Through Psalms. Psalms merit this sort of focus.

The introduction to the Book of Psalms in the Spirit Filled Life Bible puts it this way:
“By song and Spirit, they comfort the lonely, strengthen the weary, bind the brokenhearted and turn the eyes of the downcast up toward their creator.”

Hope returns, faith is renewed, and life again becomes bearable.

So drop by
Praying Through Psalms. I’ll be looking for you!