Jill Boyce, The Bandana Lady

Bandana Lady
Have you heard of Jill Boyce, the bandana lady? This amazing woman moved on a dream she had just before our invasion of Iraq to design, produce, and distribute thousands and thousands of camouflage bandanas imprinted with Psalm 91.

She tells her inspiring story in
Not Afraid. It’s a quick little read that leaves you stirred with the power of what one person can accomplish when responding to the call of God.

As I read testimonies in the book of soldiers who were using Jill’s bandanas, I was moved to tears over the impact one woman has had on so many people she has never met.

She describes herself as “just an elementary school teacher”. But as you read her story, you know that in God she is a force to be reckoned with. Her story is proof that when God sends you to do something, no giant is too large to get in the way of progress. Do yourself a favor and order the book from her website

Not Afraid by Jill Boyce

Bandanas and Dog Tags
If you have anyone in the military or anyone who is regularly in harm's way, you will want to order bandanas for them as well as dog tags. The dog tag says NOT AFRAID on one side and “
I shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor the arrow that flies by day. Psalm 91:5

Jill developed these for military personnel. But, I have a missionary friend I am going to bless with one. And what about the police and firemen? What about prison guards and parole officers? What about teachers and therapists who deal with violent at-risk kids? When we have adequately covered our combat soldiers with Psalm 91 bandanas, I think we need give some attention to those who battle on the home front in a variety of war scenes. God’s arm is long enough to handle it all!

You can order the dog tags and bandanas from Jill’s website. You can also make a contribution to her effort. Many people who receive these bandanas receive them free of charge as a result of financial support from those who believe in Jill’s dream. She's just a click away!


Psalm 91 Bandana and Dog tag