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Multiple calls to action for deepening your spiritual life

Faith-filled prayer, pre-written and available to you

2. Messages of encouragement and affirmation related to Psalm 91:
Twice weekly – like having a personal coach…most messages contain additional resources for study and reflection.

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Dear Jeanie,
I have started working on Psalm 91 and it is just so awesome what Gods word can do to ones life when you open up to allow God to speak - thank you. I'm taking my time to soak it all in slowly.
Blessings to you

Jeanie, God led me to your study.  I am learning to embrace the promises of Psalm 91.  May the Lord bless you and continue to encourage you to keep providing spiritual care to some many!
Thank you,
Kathleen B

Thank you so much, Jeanie...your study is life-giving, powerful, spiritually rich and blessed. I go over them a few times and thank God for you!
Love and blessings for you,

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After checking out your first installment of Release the Power of Psalm 91, you will problably be interested in the companion prayer CD
No Storm Too Great that can be ordered on this site. You can go to CD Baby and download the first track of No Storm Too Great for free. I encourge you to do that. Praying along will help you enter into the spirit of the study.

Pasted Graphic Enjoy and be blessed!
Jeanie Rose
Retreat Leader, Writer, Speaker

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