Praying the Names of God

When I was given the opportunity to put the list of the Names of God on this website, I was excited. This is a valuable resource to have on your computer for study and reflection. What I wasn't ready for was:

  • The amazing response from folks who agreed with me. A few emailed with mistakes they had found. Thank you very much! Others emailed about whether the rest of the list would be available soon. ( I published it over the course of a week in four segments.)
  • The deep stirring those names would cause in my own heart! This should not be so surprising. I just read in the Jewish Encyclopedia "the divine name is often spoken of as equivalent to the divine presence or power or glory." I am firmly believing this to be true.

I have begun blogging about this, as well as writing some initial prayers. So, you can follow along to see where this adventure leads.

Also check out some of these online resources as you have the time. I will be adding to the list from time to time.

And, do be in touch. Share what you are discovering. Share prayers that you are writing. I'd love to hear from you!

Related Resources:
Judaism 101 gives good info on the value and meaning of names in the Hebrew culture

The Jewish Encyclopedia scholarly explanation of the power of a Name with lots of Scripture references

Jesus Walk Bible Study Series a free online study on the Names of God that you can sign up for at this link. Looks good. I'm signing up.

The Names of God a book by Nathan Stone, originally a script for a radio Bible study on WMBI Chicago. You would want to print this one out to study it!