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No Storm Too Great!
(2CD set) (Read more)
$19.95 each
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Recorded Scripture prayer based on Psalm 91 and related Scriptures
Renew Your Mind! Feed Your Spirit!
• Experience supernatural peace, despite the circumstances.
• Feel the stirring of faith, trust in God.
• Find personal application of scripture that speaks to your heart.
• Pray for longer periods of time with more ease than you ever thought possible.
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Prayer Affirmations for the Journey
(single CD) (Read more)
$12.95 each 1-3 CDs
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Recorded Scripture prayer to help you:
improve the positive/negative ratio of your 8000 daily thoughts
renew you mind with the life-giving Word of God – start thinking like God
bring about a more relaxed state in your body
support your immune system
assist short-term memory
and many other related results
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Blessing Your Spirit
(Book: 40 days of blessings) (Read more)
$15.95 each

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Stand on the shoulders of two spiritual giants as you pray the blessings from Blessing Your Spirit.
Let your spirit be fortified with the spiritual maturity and Godly insight that drives these prayers.
Deepen your relationship with God as you pray Blessings of Your Father and The Names of God.
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Baby Blessings: Joy
$14.95 each
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Baby Blessings: Peace
$14.95 each
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(1 CD each) (Read more)
Nurture the spiritual growth of your own baby or a baby dear to your heart. Recorded Scripture-based blessings create a highly charged Godly atmosphere around your child. Children raised listening to these prayer en-utero and beyond have proven to be:
and sensitive to spiritual things.
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