Book of Prayer Blessings

Prayer Resource for Enhancing Your Prayer Time
Are you:
Committed to bringing transformation through prayer?
Frustrated for lack of time to focus and pray effectively?
Looking for a great prayer aid to assist in your commitment to change things through prayer?

If you are, read further. We have a book of prayer treasures for you!

Are you:
Convinced that praying Scripture is powerfully effective?
Working at releasing the power of Heaven into your life, into the lives of those you love, into situations God has put on your heart?
Finding it difficult to stay on target with your prayer?
Too weary at times to have the right words flow out of you in prayer?

You’ve come to the right place. Take a few moments to check out this Scripture prayer tool!

Blessing Your Spirit
with the Blessings of Your Father and The Names of God
by Arthur Burk and Sylvia Gunter

Winston Churchill ascribed his greatness to being able to stand on the shoulders of giants.
Stand on the shoulders of two spiritual giants as you pray the blessings from Blessing Your Spirit.
Let your spirit be fortified with the spiritual maturity and Godly insight that drives these prayers.
Deepen your relationship with God as you pray Blessings of Your Father and The Names of God.

These powerful prayers are written by
Arthur Burk of Plumbline Ministries and Sylvia Gunter of The Father’s Business. With this book you reap the harvest of two dedicated, anointed ministers collaborating with the Holy Spirit to deliver a treasury of prayer.

Blessing Your Spirit :
a shot of spiritual plasma for seasoned people of prayer who find themselves weary from time to time.
A five-star model of prayer for fledgling pray-ers not familiar with praying Scripture blessings.
An opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants to capture a broader vision of Kingdom prayer.


A Brief Exerpt
Time: A Season For Everything (a response to Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)
I bless you_______ with knowing that your Father’s anointed and appointed time for everything is beautiful from His perspective of eternity. I bless you with trusting His bigger composite picture, when you can only see the particulars. I bless you with being right in step and on time, not running ahead or lagging behind. I bless you with sensitivity to the seasons of the Spirit, the movement of the Spirit, and the moment of the Spirit.


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