Renew Your Mind: Transform Your Life
Looking for Positive Change?
A Scripture Prayer Tool for You!

Did you know?
You think between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day!
Experts estimate
80% of your thoughts are negative.

Problem is:
Every one of those thoughts is affecting the 100 billion cells in your brain – for better or worse.
Positive thoughts for the better
(endorphins are released, your feel-good substance)
Negative thoughts for the worse
(a series of chemical reactions that do you no favor)

Paul was way ahead of the research curve when he wrote:
Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Romans 12:2 renewed in the spirit of your mind.
Ephesians 4:23

How are you REALLY scoring with your thinking?
10% positive?
2% positive?
40% positive?

Do you reflect the joy of the Lord
...most of the time?
...or now and then?

That joy is part of your spiritual inheritance.
Don't let it be stolen by negativity!

Monitor your own thinking for a day.
Be shocked at the negativity you entertain daily!

Folks who have honestly done this say,
“Yup, the experts are right – about 80% negative.

But, your scores can be improved!
Brains can be rewired.
Minds can be renewed.
Rewire and renew yours!

Why is this important?
Because negative thinking:
Slows your immune system
Impairs your memory
Restricts your learning
Stresses your entire body
Influences those around you
Leads to more negative thinking: a downward spiral that can, in severe cases, be linked to depression and suicide
Makes it difficult for you to experience the joy of the Lord

Even if only 30% of your thoughts are negative,
these negative thoughts still bring on the results listed above
…just in lesser intensity.

Be pro-active against the downward spiral and
Leap forward with
Prayer Affirmations for the Journey
scripture prayer on CD
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Faith-a gift that grows as you use it
Direction-wisdom for your journey
Favor-the blessing of God on you
Strength-more than you can imagine
Abundance-in every aspect of your life

Simple Decision:
Reduce your negative thoughts by replacing them with positive ones of faith. Radically alter the course of your own ship.

According to the Mayo Clinic an increased positive thinking and attitude will:
Decrease your stress
Increase your sense of well-being
Improve your health
Increase your resistance to catching colds
Make for easier breathing in instances of obstructive lung diseases like emphysema

So, what is your payoff for positive thoughts?

Remember: You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!
(Philippians 4:13)

Do yourself a great service:
Raise your score on the positive/negative ratio.
Renew you mind with the life-giving Word of God
Accrue the benefits of a positive mind-set
You can do it!

Experts indicate an increase in positive/negative ratio of your thinking will take some time. BUT,
Prayer Affirmations for the Journey is an audio tool to help you navigate more quickly to the strength and vitality that is part of well-being.

“Products already exist for this purpose”, you say… but none like
Prayer Affirmations for the Journey!

Prayer Affirmations for the Journey weaves together
positive thinking with positive prayer and Scripture.

Prayer Affirmations for the Journey
Scripture prayer on CD
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Combine power prayer with affirmations.
Exponentially increase the effectiveness of
your prayer time
your affirmation time

Bring together the power of your mind with the power of the Spirit.

This CD carries a soothing script you can ponder and pray.
Its affirmations are not just any positive thought.
They are statements about you as
a child of God
an inheritor of Heaven
one who is an overcomer.

They are statements about God:
how He cares for every aspect of your life
how He provides for and blesses you
how He directs your steps and brings you favor
how He works to build your faith.

Affirmations based on the life-filled Word of God
help to rewire your brain to think positively, consistent with how God thinks.

This process is known in the New Testament as “renewing of the mind” which brings about transformation.

Romans 12:2, Ephesians 4:22-24)

Are you ready for some transformation?

In Proverbs Solomon wrote that you are what you think.
Proverbs 23:7)
Changing your thoughts transforms your life!
Brain research and brain imaging are proving such concepts correct.

So be confident in the God-infused power of these affirmations.
The Word God has given us is spirit and life. (John:6:63)
Be transformed with life in abundance! (John 10:10)

Prayer Affirmations for the Journey is not about subliminals:
messages you’re not sure of
messages you have no control over

With Prayer Affirmations for the Journey what you hear
is what you get!

And what you get is:
1. Researched and paraphrased Scriptures that build confidence and faith
Scripture affirmations based on these Scriptures to strengthen and inspire you.
3. Themes: faith, direction, favor, strength, and prospering:
One theme-based selection for each working day of the week: perfect for redeeming commuting time and mindless week-day chores.
4. Paraphrased Scriptures written in the present tense, written to make them more effective for you as affirmations.
5. State of the art recording with ambient music and nature sound background, consistent with accelerated learning techniques.

Prayer Affirmations for the Journey team:
Script by:
Jeanie Rose
over 25 years:
Retreat leader, trainer, speaker

Jeanie Rose

Music and production by:
Joseph Julian Gonzalez
Award winning composer/musician of Simple Music Productions

Can negativity be completely eliminated?

Life will always have some negativity.
Jesus said that in this world there will be tribulation.
He also said, “Cheer up because I have overcome this world.” (John 16:13, paraphrase)
Jesus rose above the tribulation.
We can also rise above tribulation by proclaiming and affirming the life He made possible for us.


Order Prayer Affirmations for the Journey and prepare for the dawning of a new and more positive day:
Lower stress
Increase confidence
Support your immune system
Improve your ability to learn and remember
Enjoy an increased sense of well-being
Be time-effective combining prayer with an attitude adjustment
Think and respond like the overcomer you are designed to be

Let me take the risk on this!
If you use
Prayer Affirmations for the Journey and find that it
does not resonate with your spirit,
does not fill a need to increase positive thinking,
simply return the CD with your invoice and receive a full refund.


Prayer Affirmations for the Journey
scripture prayer on CD
Click to Listen to mp3 sample
Order Now (secure server)

Don’t forget that by using Prayer Affirmations for the Journey, you will:
improve the positive/negative ratio of your 8000 daily thoughts
renew you mind with the life-giving Word of God – start thinking like God
bring about a more relaxed state in your body
support your immune system
assist short-term memory
and many other related results

Yours for a blessed and positive future,

Jeanie R

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