Ready-made prayers can be such a God-send. The ultimate best is to have prayer so woven into the fiber of your being that it flows freely in any circumstance. Ultimate best, but…! You and I both know emotional times come when prayer is almost impossible except for “Oh God! Oh God!”

“Oh God!” is a valid prayer but it does little to salve the emotions or focus your mind on the promises of God. When you most need to pray effectively, your emotions are ruling the day.

At times like this, take hold of a ready-made
prayer or a familiar, well-worn Scripture. When these prayers are filled with Scripture or based on Scripture, you are absorbing Spirit and Life, the essence of God’s Word. It’s like spiritual plasma. Just what you need in the middle of a crisis!

Benefits from a Ready-Made Prayer:
1. A Spiritual Shift
You pray NOW and get God involved with you immediately. Always a good thing! You are not alone and begin to experience the peace that comes with knowing you are not alone.

A shift occurs in the spirit-realm. The forces of Heaven are marshaled on your behalf.

2. An Emotional Shift
The words you pray remind you of God’s faithful love and care. You are reminded of God’s promises and plans. Faith is stirred. Your spirit rises up in the assurance of faith. As your spirit rises, your emotions begin to calm and your reason begins to function more reliably.

You can now move forward in the victory God intends for you.

Prayers – Where to Find Them
Prayers In Print
A number of written collections of prayer are available.
Prayers That Prevail and Prayers that Avail are excellent. Keep a copy where you most need it. If you have trouble sleeping during stressful times, keep a copy of one these collections by your bed. And of course, use it!

Prayers in Audio
No Storm Too Great and Prayer Affirmations for the Journey were both developed as prayer tools to employ during times of high pressure. When you are too tired to read or too stressed to stay focused on reading a prayer, these recorded prayers are your answer. When you struggle with physical or emotional pain, this is your answer.

This website is one of the few places where you can find a prayer resource like these prayer audios.

Prayers to Share
Prayers to Share is a collection of my own prayers and prayers that web visitors have allowed to be published. Check out the collection. Lots of feedback on these prayers, especially Prayer for Finance!

Enjoy these
prayers and consider sending your own in for inclusion in this section.

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