Finding Rhema:
God’s Word Spoken to You

From cover to cover, the Bible is filled with logos: God’s recorded Word. So, how do you find a Word that is alive and filled with power for you, your day, and for your concerns?

Jump Start Method I Here is a method that is simple. It takes a little time, but it’s simple:
1. Start with a copy of
Prayers that Prevail either volume 1 or 2.

2. Scan the table of contents for the themes of prayers.

3. Find one theme that stands out from the list for you.

4. Locate the prayer. Read it slowly and quietly (as in “hagah” meditation).

5. You will notice some phrases or lines stand out for you. About the third time through the prayer, pencil the line(s) begging for your attention. This should be no more than 2 lines.

6. Now repeat the selected line(s) over and over slowly, quietly. As you remember the full line(s), close your eyes and continue to repeat. At some point this scripture will root in you and other words will begin to rise from your heart and interact with the scripture. God is speaking to you and you are speaking to Him. You will experience the confidence of this communication!

7. The Word has become rhema in your heart and you are praying a scripture that is alive and active in you. Be certain to record these prayers in some way for future use. You won’t believe how they will continue to speak to your heart over the years!

Some folks must repeat the above instructions a time or two before coming to the point where they know they have personally heard God in His Word. If that’s you…stick with it.

When I put a group of people through this exercise, I invite those, who have hit the target on the first run, to pray their prayers out loud. Those who hear these prayers easily reach the goal in the second round. Synergy, perhaps?

Jump Start Method II
You may not have a copy of Prayers that Prevail, or a similar book. No problem! Use the same process as Jump Start !, but use the list of the
Names of God available on this site. Actually, there's more than one list because the names won't fit on one web page with my template.
Here's what I recommend:
  1. Click over to one of the lists.
  2. Make a copy for yourself.
  3. Slowly and prayerfully read down the list until one name grabs your attention.
  4. Repeat the name over and over.
  5. Let it soak deeply into you soul.
  6. Look up the Scripture reference. Let this be part of your meditation for the day.
  7. Allow this name to become part of the way you address God, part of the way you worship Him.

A Second Method (not so quick but very valuable)
If you don’t have
Prayers That Prevail or some similar book of scripture prayer, use your concordance to locate several scriptures around the same theme. Write the scriptures out so that you can use them in the same way as above. This will take a little more time than my first suggestion, of course. (Also try mining scripture on you own)

But you should learn to do this second method. As wonderful as the scripture prayer books are, they are limited in what they can offer in one prayer on a single theme. (Also try “Mining Scriptures on Your Own”.)

Learn to dig effectively into this goldmine called the Bible. I know you’ll love it. And, who knows? You could end up writing the next scripture prayer book for the rest of us!

You will find it helpful to have these books:
1. A concordance such as
“Strong’s Concordance”
2. A good study bible such as “
Spirit-Filled Life Bible” edited by Jack Hayford
3. A few different translations such as
The Amplified Bible
5. The Message
The New Testament from 26 Translations
The Old Testament Books of Poetry from 26 Translations
8. Meditation: Feeding on the Word of God
9. Confession of Faith: Understanding the dynamic of Scripture prayer