How to Pray

Often after I have ministered to a group, someone will come up asking, “How do I learn to pray? I want to pray just like you?”

I smile to myself. I remember that hunger!

I remember reading
Prison to Praise by Merlin Caruthers and saying, “O God, I need what he has or I will die!” I had grown up loving and honoring God, but now hungered for the living faith and fruitful prayer life that Caruthers was describing.

God was almost instantaneous in responding. Hard to explain what happened! Even as I was crying out in prayer, the power of God poured over me and life has not been the same since.

Prayer: A Conversation
Immediately I was thrust into a conversational prayer that just never ended. I talked my head off and occasionally was quiet enough to hear what God had to say. Eventually, I learned to listen more. Realizing that God wanted to talk to me even more than I wanted to talk to Him helped with that.

Hearing God came more as a KNOWING something, rather than hearing His voice. As you heed the
knowing more and more, then more and more knowing comes.

In those early years acting on the
knowing was awkward, but God confirmed it again and again.

I recall yelling at my husband to slow down. He was in the fast lane and over-doing it. He immediately slowed down, shocked by my outburst. As he slowed down, the car in front of us pulled to the right exposing an accident scene. A child’s body lay across the lane with flares going around him. Had Dwaine not slowed down, we surely would have run over the boy.

Situations like this happened regularly. As they did, I became confident is the fact that God was listening to all my chatter and that He liked being involved in my life.

My prayer life had definitely gone to the next level. I was always “walking and leaping and praising the Lord.”

Prayer: With Results
I was a happy person of prayer and probably would have stayed that way except I was exposed to prayer that produced results: healings, problems solved, relationships restored. Results of an Agnes Sanford prayer workshop turned me on my ear. Wow, did it ever! You can read that story in the article on Agnes Sanford.

I got to see number of miracles up close. Dwaine experienced two dramatic healings. In both instances he was taking a nap as I took part in group healing services. One healing was a 15-year-old knee injury and the other was a hernia, both serious situations that were destined for surgery.

Prayer with results!

Have you ever noticed that some people get more regular answers to prayer than others? Now I had to know why. New pursuit!

Learning to Pray Effectively
I didn’t know where to turn back then for training in prayer. And, some of the most powerful books on prayer had not yet been written, like the ones by Dutch Sheets and Jack Hayford. Both are must-reads!

But back in the good ole days…I really learned to rely on the Holy Spirit to teach me to pray. Often I would pray, “Holy Spirit, You are my Teacher. I need to know how to deal with this or that in prayer.” And, I would get that

What I learned most in this season of development was about exercising authority in prayer. Now I believe you cannot learn this authority any other way, but on the job. And the Holy Spirit was my job-coach. Holy Spirit is coach to anyone who asks. I had asked.

Books and workshops are so helpful in learning to pray, but nothing can eclipse the instruction of the Holy Spirit!
Learning about faith and agreement and persistence is a good thing.
Learning to pray the Our Father is a good thing.
Learning to pray like Jesus is a good thing.
But, learning these things with the mentoring of the Holy Spirit is dynamite.
There is something about the Spirit of Supplication and Prayer that takes you into a whole new realm of prayer.
How does the Holy Spirit get involved?
Just invite Him!
"Holy Spirit, teach me how to pray!"

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