Prayer Times: Setting a Goal, Making a Plan

Making a DecisionSpend as much time in meditation and scripture prayer as you like…no such thing as an overdose. But be advised, this pursuit does take time. Some folks are just looking for things to fill their time. That’s probably not you! You will need to take stock of what you will eliminate in order to capture quality time for investment in prayer and meditation.

Cutting down or cutting out TV time is an easy answer…if you watch TV. Multi-tasking some things could help…like: returning important phone calls on your cell phone while you power-walk. Be creative.

Just be certain to eliminate time wasting, energy sapping activities …as many as you can identify. This will leave enough space for productive, necessary things. Then you won’t feel conflicted over the amount of time you spend on prayer.

A Blessed New HabitRestructure your time and you will be blessed going in and blessed going out. (Deut 28:6) You’ll have more energy and less stress because of the unproductive activities you dropped…and you’ll be gaining spiritual plasma from your prayer time.

Formulate your plan and stay with it daily for at least thirty days. It takes that long to form a new habit. And…that’s what you want. You want scripture prayer to become a natural part of your thinking and your knee-jerk response to any situation.

Renewing of the Mind (Building Knee-jerk Response)I know a man who had been a person of prayer for decades. He has a good grasp on his authority as a believer and the fact that he is called to be a king and a priest in the Kingdom of his God.

One afternoon as his wife shopped in Wal-Mart, he stayed in their van in the shade of a tree…way on the far edge of the parking lot. He was in his late seventies at the time and quite arthritic in his hips. He sat in the refreshing shade, a breeze coming through the open window, when a young man shoved a gun in his face and said," “Get out!” "

The aging patriarch came to attention and shouted, " “Be gone in the name of Jesus!” " The gunman was frozen in his tracks. Bill shouted it again. Now the startled gunman responded by leaping into a nearby car driven by his accomplice. The two went speeding away.

The police to whom this story was reported could hardly believe what had happened. I'm sure the two thieves could hardly believe it either. It would be interesting to know what they had experienced in that power-filled command, the knee-jerk response of a man who had given himself to prayer for years.

TransformationWhat we spend our time doing and who we spend our time with will have a profound effect on who we become.

As we spend dedicated time in scripture meditation and in prayer, we are spending time in the presence of the Lord. And, that will determine, more than anything, who we are to be.

Decide and Schedule NowIf you are inspired and motivated to take more ground in prayer, but feel that you need a general overhaul with goals, priorities, and scheduling, consider working through a good book on that topic. I’ve benefited greatly from First Things First by Steven Covey and The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen.

Every year I go through one of them as a refresher. With humor, touching stories, and in-the-trenches wisdom, both books help you get where you want to go, setting a goal and hitting the target.

For the present, check out the two links below for some practical suggestions on managing your prayer life. Don't put this off. Many issues lie in the balance!

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