When God Seems So Distant

How am I to trust God when He seems so distant and my life is so full of pressures?

Hi there!
If this seems like a lengthy answer, remember: you asked for it! :-)
Yes, in suffering and bad times, we need to place our confidence in God...confident in His love for us, His ultimate best purposes for us.

But here's the rub:  without an intimate relationship with Him, how is one to trust Him?  We don't know Him well enough to trust Him.  So, the circumstances of the bad situation scream at us and our thoughts go crazy.

If our relationship with the Lord is personal enough and trusting enough, then 
...that part of us that is spirit, 
...that part of us that lives forever, 
...that part of us that is most like God
can rise above the details and chaos of the moment 
to find shelter in God, who is Spirit.

How to get to this point?
We get to know who God is 
...by studying Scripture, 
...by meditating on what we are studying, 
...by asking the Lord for understanding of Who He is, 
...by getting help from a more spiritually mature mentor.

I would encourage you to pull out a few of the Scriptures you have received in the emails.  Pull out a few that really catch your eye.  Try meditating on them in the morning, first thing.  Let them roll over and over in your mind.  If you have any questions of the Lord, ask Him.  The answers don't usually come instantly.  But, they do come.

I was working with the Scripture about justice and peace kissing.  That sounds like an oxymoron to me.  So I asked the Lord, "What on earth does that look like?" 

The next day a very large pickup was pushing me to speed up on a lonely desert, two-lane road with no passing.  I was already 15 miles above the stated limit and decided to pull out in the one place ahead with a view-lookout.  It would be tricky because I was doing 70 mph and the pull out was on a bind curve. 

When I got to the pullout, there was a highway patrol car in my spot.  The officer was waving us over. 

I slowed and pulled over as best I could while the pickup went speeding by me and blasting its horn.  The black and white went in pursuit, succeeding in about a mile to stop the pickup. 

When I got to the scene, an officer was issuing a ticket to the woman in the pickup.  I slowed to pull over.  Surely, we were both getting tickets.  

A second  officer emerged from the highway patrol car.  Tall, tan and weathered with silvery hair, he leaned against his car and waved me on with with a slow wave and just a bit of a smile.  I heard, "Peace and justice have kissed.  This is what it looks like."

(I warned you this might be lengthy!)

As the day goes on, remind yourself of the scriptures you were meditating on earlier.  Over time you will have many of them memorized.  These memorized scriptures are what you use to battle with when you are under attack.  There is power in the Word that we have not been able to define or measure.  But, it is there and you want it working for you!

Read about the
Power of Words and the Power of Scripture Words. Take time to reflect on these articles. I know they will help!

I apologize that this sounds like a commercial, but also consider getting
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Also, try going through
Release the Power of Psalm 91 again in a couple of months.  It will all seem new and you will have some sense of how you have grown spiritually in that period of time.  If you did not save your lessons and emails, there is a sign-up page on the website.  No charge for a second sign-up :-)

So, hope this helps.  I do know this: seek God and you will find Him.  That's one of His promises!