Mountains of Challenge

Release the Power of Psalm 91, what do you mean by "mountains"? What are the mountains we deal with?

Great question!
First, actually, we don't move the mountains.  It is the power of God that moves the mountains as we believe and speak in faith for those mountains to be moved. 

We all have different mountains at different times.  Those mountains can be challenges or obstacles (these two are not necessarily the same things).

Some Examples:

  • Debt: a common challenge for people
You speak to that mountain of debt and command it be cast into the sea (Matt 17:20).  You are releasing the power of faith in God to open doors of opportunity and wisdom for you to move out of debt and into that God-ordained place of having all your needs met (Matt 6:21-15).  

  • Bad influences on your kids:  tough to deal with in your own ability and strength
You speak in faith at that mountain of bad influence (in some detail, possibly) and command it be moved!  God does the moving and the rearranging.  As you pray this way, the Holy Spirit may give you some strategies for getting involved in this mountain moving.

  • Health problems: we are all there at some point in life
Speak to the mountain of infirmity, commanding it to be moved!  Claim the God-promise of Divine health.  Jesus has born your infirmities and paid the price for you to walk in wholeness and strength.  In praying this way you are simply taking back what the enemy has attempted to steal from you.

  • Endless Possibilities
The possibilities of what the mountain could be are endless.  God seems to allow these mountains (challenges) in our lives for the development and strengthening of our faith.  As you operate more and more in this way, you will find that you have fewer and fewer mountains to contend with. And, over time and pursuit you will comprehend more completely all that God has promised you. This increasing comprehension will strengthen you faith and inspire more faith-actions. The day comes when you find yourself to be a person of "great faith".

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