Prayer and Understanding Covenant

Getting a deeper revelation of Covenant will change your prayer life!
Before I share with you the treasures I have discovered about
Covenant, let me tell you the story of how I came to seek after that revelation myself. If you’re just after the facts of Covenant, those pages will follow. If you’d like a faith-building journey down memory lane with me, read on.

God's Answer: the Rains Came Down
In the late ‘80’s into the early 90’s when California was in its seventh year of drought. I belonged to a prayer group that met weekly to pray for women’s ministries. At the end of each meeting, we’d tack on a prayer for rain.

One week as we were finishing, the Lord spoke plainly that a token prayer was not enough. We were to set ourselves to pray for rain. It was a very forceful message.

Living in the midst of a major agricultural area, we were very aware of the critical nature of the drought. This was early February with no rain in sight. Most of our rainy season was past. The prediction was that we could get one more crop and then the water reserves would be gone.

Prayer and fasting on this one! We agreed to pray and fast until God said stop. Two of the women came to my house to join me in prayer and fasting. The husband of one of the women told her not to come home until she was sure the drought was broken! He managed a sizable farming operation.

We expected to fast and pray until we were thin as soda straws. We prayed for a morning, took a stretch, and started up again. Early in the afternoon I heard myself praying: “
Thank You, God, for sending Your rain to confirm Your Covenant.”

I couldn’t remember where that line of Scripture had come from, but I could feel the power of it…so could my two friends. All three of us felt the grip of this prayer. We prayed it together and thanked God for rain. Somewhere in the middle of this, one of us grabbed a concordance to determine that we were praying
Psalm 68:9.

Prayer was finished. Being the overachievers that we are, we attempted to continue in prayer. After all, we expected to be at this for days. But, there was no grace or unction for prayer.
God said, “It’s done!

So we left our prayer closet. My two friends went home to spread the good news. I went outside where a couple of young friends were building a rock terrace. I said, “Get rid of those sun glassed and grab your umbrellas.” They had a great laugh at that. Two weeks later the rains came, and came, and came.
A late season deliverance from drought!

I share this story not to say that our prayers alone ended the drought. Lot’s of praying people were fasting and seeking God for rain. Our prayer was one of the last drops that caused the cup to overflow.

My Hungering Heart
I tell this story to make a point: a fire started burning in my belly. I had to know more about Covenant. There was something in our prayer about God being a
Covenant-keeping God.

The power
in that prayer far exceeded my understanding of that prayer. For two or three years after that, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to get a handle on Covenant. I didn’t have a clue what “getting a handle” meant in this case. I just kept praying: “Speak, Lord, I’m listening.”

“Knock, seek, ask!” Remember? God opened the door! Rod and Julie Anderson of Liberty Christian Center were visiting from London and did a 10-hour seminar on Covenant. I was airborne! As Rod said, “Covenant can’t be taught. It must be caught (revelation).”

Well, I caught it…or it caught me! And I haven’t been the same since. Discovering the
power and promise of Covenant is one of the major milestones in my spiritual growth. I pray that it is one for you as well. Your faith walk and your prayer life will never be the same again.

The Anderson seminar was about ten years ago. God continues to open up new insights. There seems to be no end to riches to be uncovered as you explore covenant. So this section of the website is a work in progress. I hope to add a page a week, so drop by regularly.

And, as Rod Anderson prayed over us, I pray that the Spirit of Revelation will accompany you through these pages to
♣ Uncover treasures and explain mysteries
♣ To baptize you in Covenant confidence!