Andrew Murray on Believe/Faith

Faith Defined
Faith can be such a nebulous concept, but Andrew Murray in With Christ in the School of Prayer lays out faith in terms we can wrap our minds around. "Faith is the ear by which we hear what is promised and the eye by which we see what is offered.” " (Chapter 12)

Faith Stirred
No one can stir, challenge, and encourage a person to believing prayer as Andrew Murray can. With Christ in the School of Prayer is no quick read. None of his books are. You’ll read through a paragraph or two, then re-read…not because Murray is difficult to understand, but because you don’t want to miss anything….like chasing a delectable Italian sauce around the plate with a piece of bread. You’ll work at not missing a drop of what Murray is serving.

When you pick up this book for a re-read in a few months, you’ll do the same thing. New insights will vibrate in the depths of you. The book will seems almost new, as fresh layer of understanding wash over you.

Lesson in Faith
Murray is firm in his conviction that God means what He says and says what He means in scripture. As you follow along with Murray in his 31-day devotional-style book, you, too, will be much more convinced of what God is saying. And your faith-filled prayer life will step up to new heights.

This sounds like hype. It’s not! I’m not certain how many times I’ve read the book…12-15 times.
With Christ in the School of Prayer still revs up my spiritual motor. You can’t just read it. You work with it and it works on you.

The Nurture of Faith
Most of Andrew Murray’s writings were done to nurture members of his South African flock who lived in the rural areas and rarely made it to church. Murray was thrilled to learn of the advent of paperback books! He this as a way for his flock to carry books with them everywhere, making use of every down moment for study and devotion.

Quickly, these works spread globally, nurturing Christians worldwide. It continues to be the same today, nearly a century after Murray’s death. His books provide a hearty and well-balanced banqueting table for spiritually hungry Christians. After Agnes Sanford, Murray was the most influential person in my early faith development.

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