Dutch Sheets: Intercessory Prayer

Another Good Foundation for Power Prayer
By the time Dutch Sheets’ book
Intercessory Prayer came out (subtitle: How God Can Use Your Prayer to Move Heaven and Earth), I was doing workshops instead of Bible studies. Sheets’ book has the same prayer-empowering anointing that Jack Hayford’s Prayer: Invading Is the Impossible has…but it is more useable in a workshop format.

Great Study Guide for Prayer
I’ve read this book several times, highlighting, underlining, making notes in the margins. Then I outlined the book in great detail into one of my notebooks so that I could record more of my own comments.

Sheets masterfully explains …..the finished work of the Cross, …..the VICTORY of it, …..the power-base it gives us in prayer, …..and our opportunity as people of prayer to enforce that victory on the circumstances of our own lives.

I’m so convinced that we all need to come up a few notches in this “enforcing the victory” business that Intercessory Prayer was traveling along everywhere I went…including mission territory.

Sow a Seed
After a long day of ministry at one mission station, I was headed to the car to go on to the next station. A missionary was accompanying me to the car in order to continue asking me questions. His questions were primarily about moving with authority in prayer. This man was on a quest! God said, "Give him your book. "

"The one with all the underlining, highlights, and notes? "

"Yes, that one! "

And, there I sowed my little book into mission land. I hope Dutch Sheets would be pleased. I know God is. God wants us rooting in our understanding of co-laboring with Him in prayer…well able to enforce the victory of Christ Jesus in our own lives and not blind sided by the enemy.

Intercessory Prayer is a launching pad into a remarkably power prayer life. Don’t miss this one!

Book on Prayer has Broad Appeal
I was conducting a prayer series in which
Intercessory Prayer was required reading. One of the attendees told me that she had read parts of the book to her husband as they traveled. He was intrigued. God really had his attention.

When the woman related the story to me, I thought…how interesting! She is an artsy-feely type and he is a burly construction type. And, God was speaking to both of them through this book. Isn’t God efficient?

About that same time I attended a praise seminar where the leader held up a copy of Intercessory Prayer and said, “If you haven’t read it yet, do! Dutch Sheets was born to write this book.” I couldn’t put it in better words.

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