Jack Hayford: Prayer Is Invading the Impossible

Foundation for Power Prayer
In the years that I’ve led Bible studies (usually about prayer), I was on the watch for a good book that gives the foundation to power prayer…prayer that works. I had reviewed a number of offerings, but they all had some quality to them I just couldn’t endorse…usually a dose of personal ego.

When we talk about the power of prayer, the power is the Lord’s …not ours.  We have a definite role to play in prayer, but our role is hardly the size of a flea compared to God’s role.  So…no ego…can’t go there!

When Jack Hayford’s, book
Prayer is Invading the Impossible, came out, I was hopeful.  Hayford is one of the cleanest-hearted people I’ve ever heard preach.

Foundation: Clean and Solid
This book had the content I usually cover…in Jack Hayford’s wonderfully clear and encouraging style.  As I read chapter after chapter I go more and more excited about this terrific book, no arrogance…an answer to my prayer!  I was on the edge of my seat until I’d read through to the last page.  Glory! This was it.

Too Good to Miss
As soon as we could get a case of
Prayer is Invading the Impossible, my two Bible study groups dug in.  We covered a chapter a week with assignments.  In my jubilation over the content and spirit of the book, I had failed to consider the reading level.  Some of the Bible study participants were speaking English as a second language and did best with a simple vocabulary….a fact I totally forgot.

By the second week into the study, these women were carrying pocket dictionaries with their Bibles and copies of
Prayer Is Invading the Impossible.  “We don’t want to miss one thing that Pastor Jack is trying to say.  It’s all too good to miss for the lack of understanding one word.  So, we bought dictionaries.”
I can’t thing of a better endorsement for
Prayer Is Invading the Impossible than this little account.

Power from the Beginning
There we were, green as grass, and simple in our renderings of prayer, but we had no doubt that our prayers were invading the impossible.

During this time one of our members received a call that her young grandson had drowned.  He had been at the bottom of the pool for an unknown amount to time.  Medics had revived him (in a sense) and flew him to a hospital specializing in drowning victims.  Medical personnel were offering little hope.  The little boy lay motionless in a coma-like state.

My friend went along into the child’s hospital room, put her face in his and said, “Eric, this is Grandma Lucy.  Now listen carefully.  This is important.  I want you to tell Jesus that your mama needs you.  Ask Jesus to send you back to us.”

That’s all she said…Grandma Lucy.  Sounds a bit like Jesus saying “Lazarus, come forth”. No long sermons, just authority.

Prayer Invades the Impossible
Sometime in the early hours of morning, while the family slept in the hall, a nurse found little Eric sitting wide-eyed in the bed.  He gave no response to the nurse.  “Was he deaf?  Was he mute?”  His aunt was aroused by the commotion and entered the hospital room.  Eric responded, “Tia, I’m hungry”
…..rather like Jairus’ daughter who awoke from death. Jesus said, “Feed her.”  Eric was back…intact….and ready to eat.

I can’t help but wonder how the story would have played out if Grandma Lucy had not been reading Prayer Is Invading the Impossible with her pocket dictionary near by.  But, we who were a part of that study KNEW that the authority of Heaven had prevailed and prayer had, indeed, invaded the impossible.

The book was empowering back then.  It is still empowering today.  A must read!  Be sure that prayer is invading your impossible situations.

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