The Power of Agreement

Today – power of agreement
In current, everyday terms we all experience the power of agreement in situations like planning a trip to the beach with good friends. We all agree that
• the plan is great
• the time together will be sweet
• this is something to look forward to.
All of us participating have a sense of excitement, a bit more energy. Our plan for this trip colors everything. We taste the fruit of the power of agreement, a wonderful synergy.

This phenomenon can be described in terms of “the power of intention” (Wayne Dyer) and “the power of now” (Eckert Tolle). But, for the purpose of this web site, we’ll focus on the power of agreement reflected in scripture.

In praying scripture, we are speaking in agreement with God. Agreement is an amazing power zone. Jesus was recognizing this power when He said:
If two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them. (Matt 18:19-20)

Old Testament - Power of Agreement
God Himself verifies this early in scripture when He responds to Noah’s descendents. They have labored side-by-side with a common vision in constructing the tower of Babel. God comes to visit the project. He is not impressed. The tower is a monument to what man can do in the sheer weight of his self-will. He says:

Gen 11:6-7
“Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them. Come, let Us go down there and confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.”

When people come into such agreement that they have one vision and are all saying the same thing, nothing is impossible!

So God causes these people to speak in a number of different languages. People cluster by language types (of course), and spread out geographically. The power of agreement is reduced. No longer is everyone saying the same thing about an issue. This is now impossible.

The smaller groups can come to agreement within their own limited population. But their agreement will not have the same high-octane power that was present when the pre-tower committee met to devise plans for building into the heavens.

New Testament – power of agreement
In the gospels Jesus makes it clear to us numerous times that He is doing what He sees His Father doing. He is saying what He hears His father saying. Jesus is in complete agreement with God, His Father, who is in heaven. Can we assume that this agreement is a major key to Jesus success? Such as causing:
• the blind to see
• The lame to walk
• The lepers to be made whole
• The dead to rise

When Jesus speaks (prays) in agreement with His Dad, mighty things happen. Power of agreement leaves an impression! We have a tendency to say “Yeah, but this is Jesus! What does this have to do with me?”

Infirmity is Healed
Take a look at a couple examples of people coming into agreement with Jesus (Who is in agreement with Papa God). One of those people is the woman with the issue of blood (
Mk 5: 25-34). She knows that Jesus is filled with the healing power of God that is to be poured out on the afflicted. In knowing this, the woman has come into agreement with Jesus for healing.
• All she needs to do is reach out and make a withdrawal from His healing account…which she does!
• Instantly power flows from Jesus to the woman. Her affliction of twelve years is gone.

Power of agreement merging with the force of faith causes the supernatural power of Heaven to overthrow the natural circumstances of this afflicted woman.

The story of the woman with the issue of blood is woven into another story of agreement. It is the saga of Jairus, the synagogue ruler whose daughter is at the point of death (
Mk 5:22-43). Jairus, like the infirm woman, is in agreement with Jesus’ healing power. He is desperate to get Jesus to his house to lay hands on his daughter, that the little girl might be healed and live.

The Dead Are Raised
Jesus, Jairus, and a sizable crowd are on the road to Jairus’ house. Then, the procession is stilled by Jesus interaction with the woman, who has laid hold of His healing power.
• The woman and Jairus are both in agreement with Jesus as healer.
• Jesus is in agreement with His Dad.
The crowds seem to be in agreement with one another that this is quite a spectacle. If there had been agreement for healing in the crowd, there would have been lots of healings take place on the road. A point to be understood here is that standing close enough to observe does not constitute agreement.

Agreement is revelation of the truth before us, combined with the force of faith that rises from our hearts..

So, it is no surprise that Jesus slips away from the crowd with only Peter, James, and John. Jesus knows what these three have in them, what He can expect from them. Word has come that the little girl is dead.
• Agreement for healing and life is needed.
• The force of faith must be released.
• Jesus chooses only those who are up for the job to surround Him as He proclaims words of life over the dead girl.

He calls for life just as His Father had called forth life in the beginning:
“Let there be light.(Gen 1:3)

The Son of Righteousness arises with healing in His wings
(Malachi 4:2) and He says, “Little girl, I say to you arise.”

In that atmosphere charged with agreement and faith, the young one opens her eyes, stretches her stiff limbs, and allows the breath of heaven to fill her as she rises from her bed…the power of agreement and the force of faith!

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