In the Beginning…
Prayer brought healing to my soul. It can bring healing to yours, too.

In the summer of 2001, one of a series of personal storms hit. I was in a hard place and had some painful decisions to make…no back door, no easy way out.

No one seemed to be able to hear what I was saying or understand what I was going through. I felt alone and forgotten. I strained to hold on to any sense of personal significance and purpose. You know…one of those times.

In days past, I needed scripture prayer for ministering to others. This time I needed some recorded scripture prayer to minister to myself:
To sooth my hurting, discouraged soul,
To keep my wild thoughts in check,
To fuel my trust in God’s faithfulness,
To restore my stability and self-confidence.

I said, “Lord, You intend to bring good out of what the enemy intends for evil. We could work together, Lord. We could bring good out of my hard place by writing scripture prayers for this occasion. I really need them!”

Timely Training
Months of scripture research adds richness and power to this prayer meditation.
At the time, I was involved in scripture research training provided by
Arthur Burk of Plumbline Ministries .

Everything I learned from Arthur got applied to
No Storm Too Great! The end result was scores of scriptures (including Psalm 91, of course) paraphrased using:
• the
Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament
• the
New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology
• study helps and commentaries available from the
Online Bible.

With the help of these research tools, I was able to bring to my paraphrased scriptures:
• the expanded meaning you find in the
Amplified Bible
• the contextual richness you find in
The Message
…..while maintaining the integrity of The Word.
Now I was certain that the finished product would be a great resource in the retreat work I do.

Test the Waters
Let the healing power in No Storm Too Great! touch your deep places of need.

By December 2001, the manuscript was finished and I had a sinking feeling that perhaps this had just been for my own healing, not a resource for others.

A young friend came to visit. She is a therapist who has weathered plenty of storms of her own. In her honesty, I knew she would tell me if this project had any significance beyond my own need.

I left her for a while to read alone. When I returned, she was weeping. I responded, “OK, give it to me straight! Am I fooling myself in thinking that God is ministering to anyone here other than to me?”

She dried her tears and said, “It’s like the Lord took the finest coffee beans and brewed them into a perfect cup of coffee to be savored.”

Isn’t it wonderful the people who God brings into our lives? If it wasn’t for this young woman, No Storm Too Great! would be turning yellow in my filing cabinet.

With that encouragement, I sent portions of the manuscript,
No Storm Too Great!, to numerous people around the country for review. The glowing feedback kept me going.

Two different people called to tell me how the script had spoken directly to their hearts and circumstances. But, in both cases, they cried so much, it took a while to be clear on what they were saying. It was so encouraging!

The Recording World
Professional production gives you a quality product.

My next hurdle was to get a good quality recording. I had purchased some software and a book…all of it Greek to me!

So I called Joseph Gonzalez, a musician/composer of some renown, who also does recording. Could he help me figure out this software? We met.

I took a 30-minute homemade recording of a couple of sections of the manuscript. Joe listened to the whole thing while we were traveling from LA to Bakersfield. As the tape ended, he pulled into a service station for gas. He had said nothing. He pumped gas, in silence. In that silence, I began to panic.

A couple of minutes after Joe got back into the car, the silence broke: “Jeanie, you’ve really got something here. This needs to be professionally recorded.” My panic-stricken heart began to beat again.

There was no way I could manage to pay for professional recording, so Joe said he would help. He was busy with professional assignments, including music for
Resurrection Boulevard. We fit in bits of recording here and there in Joe’s Simple Music Productions studio. I learned to edit sound files…!....Grandma Moses. Under the graying hair, my mind raced with excitement.

One More Storm
Storms may continue, but God is a ready shelter. His Word is tested and true.

About then life changed…again. My daughter developed an extremely serious case of postpartum depression…one more storm. It took both my son-in-law and me to keep the household afloat during those two years. All energy went into making it from one day to the next.

I wondered if normalcy would ever return to my life.
No Storm Too Great! sat in dry-dock while we struggled with our difficult emotional climate.

Joe and I worked a bit when we could. Then…he was moving south…and I was moving back to the mountains. We scrambled in those last few days to finish this project. Just after midnight on the last work session, we held this full-term baby in our hands. I cried.

Our recording of this project had spanned two years!

What I thought would be a small collection of prayers on various themes, turned out to be
No Storm Too Great!:

• an 83-page manuscript
• 2 hours and 20 minutes of prayer
• a CD professionally recorded with state-of-the-art equipment and software
• a CD with ambient music background composed by a wonderful praying professional.

No Storm Too Great! includes:
• Countless numbers of scriptures were researched and paraphrased into a tender conversational style of prayer.
• Heart-musings on God’s faithfulness and love for us.
• Ambient music background and the sounds of nature to help provide the calming atmosphere that is so helpful for prayer and for personal peace.
• The tone and style for times of stress or trauma, times of chaos and change, times of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

The Product
God’s Word ministers peace to your spirit and your soul.
Finally the CD’s were reproduced. Slowly, I got copies out for review. We began working on a website from which to distribute them. Progress was painstakingly slow.
But, the feedback from the review copies of the CD was great. Folks were impressed with:
• The power of God they sensed as they prayed
No Storm Too Great!
• The rich depth of content
• Deep peace and strengthened faith as they prayed
• A sense of greater intimacy with God
• Improvement in sleep patterns
• Increased ability to block out negativity
• Improved control of destructive self-talk

The Storm called Katrina
Let No Storm Too Great! minister to your every storm.

Late September, 2005, was target time to begin marketing
No Storm Too Great!

Then, we watched in prayer as Katrina came bearing down on the Gulf Coast. We were gripped, as was everyone, with a sense of anguish for the suffering and the loss.

I regained my senses enough to remember my anguish over the World Trade Center…and how I longed to provide
No Storm Too Great! at that time to those who were suffering.

I really believe that God held back the release of this project for the Katrina and Rita aftermath. In times like this, we need tools such as
No Storm Too Great!
• to encourage ourselves in the Lord,
• to strengthen our faith,
• to maintain focus on God bringing good out of what the enemy intends for evil.
• to stay firmly rooted in a divine reality that does not shake or fall apart
• to maintain hope in the face of devastation
• to recover from wounds of trauma
• to rebuild and press into living a full life

But No Storm Is Too Great!
Be strong in the Lord and the in the power of His might! (Ephesians 6:10 paraphrased)

We maintain the position that no storm is too great to take down those who know that the Lord is a solid refuge from the chaos.

• He raises us up and steadies us on higher ground.
• He clears our spiritual vision to give us sight of something more, something better.
• And…in the process we are bettered, … silver that has been refined, … gold that is purified
We are strong and valuable.

Peace for Your Personal Storm
No Storm Too Great! for your own peace and healing. Let it help you strengthen yourself in the Lord.
This 2-hour, 20-minute collection of prayerful scripture meditations is available … help bring calm to your troubled waters, … bring you the Lord’s words of hope in the face of devastation, … be a balm of peace over shattered nerves, … keep your self-talk aligned with the life-giving power of God’s Word, … help keep you on the path of an overcomer.