About Us, Daybreak Resources

We’re About:
• Breaking into a new day of faith, confidence, strength and hope in God, especially in time of crisis
• Developing a Kingdom mentality and behavior
• Rising up to walk on the high ground of our spiritual inheritance
• Tapping into the motivating power of the promises of God, the miracles of God, and the historic interventions of God
• Fulfilling purpose and destiny

Where We Fit In:
Providing high-quality prayer tools that:
* Center on the truth and richness of Scripture
* Help with the mind’s renewal according to the Word
* Build hope and confidence in God
* Affirm faith
* Further purpose and destiny
* Motivate for greatness
* Are acceptable to most of the Body of Christ, regardless of affiliation

Prayer tools such as
No Storm Too Great! - CD set of scripture prayers based on Psalm 91
powerful tool for building faith

Release the Power of Psalm 91 - free e-course

Prayer Affirmations for the Journey - soon to be released CD

Retreat, Workshop, and Speaker Services
Workshops available on
Scripture Prayer
Blood Covenant
Balancing Spirit, Soul, and Body

What About This “Motivational” Thing? You’ll be amazed. Click here

Who Are We?
Jeanie Rose: content provider, creative, free-flowing. Biography

Jeanie Rose

Amanda Rose Valyocsik: web master and motivator (my daughter)
Sander Valyocsik: computer and Internet guru, master of order and detail (my son-in-law)
Frederick Valyocsik: the four-year-old grandson who keeps us all grounded in day-to-day reality

Sander, Amanda, and Frederick

Joseph Julian Gonzales: musician/composer extraordinaire responsible for recording the Scripture prayer CDs. Joseph can be contacted at Simple Music Productions.

Joseph Julian Gonzalez

We live together (minus Joseph,although he has lived with us in the past) in a 95-year-old crafsman house in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevadas. Our life style is simple and quiet. The large garden is organic and our egg-laying chickens go to bed at dusk. We are not too far behind them. We don’t have TV. We do have a satellite internet connection. We are a combination of rustic and high-tech.

Amanda has a forthcoming book on rebuilding from depression. Both her personal story and extraordinary research make this book quite compelling. You can check her out at
Rebuild from Depression.

If it weren’t for my daughter, Amanda, and her husband, Sander, I would have been crushed under the weight of detail in putting together the business side of Daybreak Resources. This web site would not exist. This takes a team, and I have one. Thank God!