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Why an emphasis on praying scripture?

Well, let me ask, are you tired of the form of religion without the power of it? Are you hungry for a dynamic, transformed life that reflects the glorious fullness of your salvation? Are you seeking power prayer that avails? So am I! You'll find some satisfaction for your hunger on this web site.

From years of ministering to individuals and leading retreats, I've come to realize that part of the “more” we are all longing for is the fruit of
prayer proclamations and prayer affirmations based on Scripture.

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Hi! I'm Jeanie Rose. Welcome to the website! Whenever I minister, I emphasize the critical importance of praying Scripture. It is critical to making our prayers effective and also critical to our own spiritual development. There is never enough time to cover the topic as it should be. Actually, there is no end to covering the topic. Thus: a website devoted to this very purpose! If you are a person of prayer, either experienced or a fledgling, you will find material here to deepen your prayer life and expand your faith. Read on a bit to get a sense of what is in store for you here. Bookmark this site and come back often. New articles are added regularly. Feel free to contribute with Prayers to Share and comments on the Blog. I love it!

Power and Dynamics of Scripture Prayer
What I've discovered is this: You speak God's Word over your own life. In so doing, you speak and release into your own life-space the truth that God has already spoken. You release the power of Scripture!
• By praying (proclaiming) in such a way, you
honor believing Him and responding with action to His truths. Such action is an essential element to a life of faith. And remember, God loves faith!

• In addition, you strengthen your own life by
overwriting negative scripts that have driven your life for years. What a simple antidote to destructive negativity!

• Proclaiming scripture is a
natural response to understanding what God has promised you through Jesus Christ.

• Such prayer is
part of the exercise of your royal priesthood, exercising priesthood on your own behalf and that of family, friends, and all that concerns you. As you exercise this priesthood in prayer, you grown in Kingdom authority and dominion. This is not arrogance or presumption, but confidence in who God has called you to be and to do.

• Now you come to
a place of synergy: agreement with God. You come to that place, you and I, where His Word will not return to Him void.
(Is 55:10-11) We begin to sense the power of Heaven released in our lives. Wow!

Don't miss the article on Confession of Faith for more about the dynamics of Scripture prayer!

A Renewed Mind through Scripture Prayer
Your thinking changes. Your mind is being renewed according to the Word of God. You begin thinking in a powerful new way. The Lord says all things are possible for us who believe. You are developing possibility thinking!

As your thinking expands, your behavior begins to reflect more and more the truths of God found in the Scriptures you have been praying and proclaiming.

mind of Christ is being activated in you and you are beginning to demonstrate the thoughts and intents of His heart.

Speaking Like God? Saying What God Says
How often have we prayed, "Lord I want to be like You!" Little did we know that to be like Him, we must think like Him and speak like Him.

This takes a personal investment on your part to get the "mind of Christ" prayer proclamations in you to become habitual, but it can be done! There are a number of helpful strategies for this. Please take time to read
“How to Pray Scripture”. It's simple and helpful. If you have not prayed Scripture before, these articles will get you going! Pray Psalm 91 Today will also give you more practical experience with Scripture prayer.

Demonstrated Power of a Renewed Mind
When Paul directed us to have our minds renewed according to the Word (Ro 12:2), he pointed us in the right direction. He just didn't fill in the rest of the instruction. He was probably too engaged in living out his own boldly authoritative and fruitful Mind of Christ to take more time with his instruction to us.

Talk about bold and vibrant! Paul became the most outstanding church planter-statesmen of all time. Paul didn't just write about a renewed mind: he brilliantly demonstrated the power of it.
Read “Believe/Faith” for more on this topic.

The Transformed Life
Now isn't this what you are sensing a need for in your own life?

Paul wrote to one church group that when he came to them he wanted to see not just words but power (
1Co 4:19-20)...the power of a transformed mind reflected in a transformed life...nothing mediocre, nothing status quo...but power and growth.

Ah yes, there it is! That's what we want, you and I? ...a transformed life reflecting the power of heaven with supernatural expansion and strength. It starts between our ears and is freely available to all of us. Yes, all things are possible to us who believe. Praise be to God!

If this hits a chord with you, stick around and do some reading. You may have found a place and resources that God is providing for you in this season of your life.

If you are looking for excellent prayer tools to boost your life, look in our
catalogue. You will find some very effective ones there.

What We're About
This web site is devoted to:
• an understanding of how
scripture prayer fits into the fulfillment of our spiritual desires.
• instruction on how to work with scripture to record our own life-changing
prayer proclamations, affirming God's truth in our own hearts, based on our currently greatest needs.
• providing some already scripted prayers that avail for various needs like
No Storm Too Great! and Prayer Affirmations for the Journey
• looking at user-friendly bits of neuroscience research to help us better understand what is going on in our wonderful
brains as we pursue the renewing of our minds.

Jeanie Rose
Stay long and come back often!
Jeanie R

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